Analysis — Crypto Companies With the Best Social Media Strategy

By Bit2buzz on The Capital

Even if you are not conversant with what cryptocurrencies are, you must have heard about leading digital asset, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been on the lips of numerous people after it made massive surges over the years since its inception and it has prompted the creation of more digital assets.

With the increase in digital assets, comes the emergence of crypto exchanges that have grown as the years go by. Statistically, there are several crypto exchanges and companies that have made their emergence into the crypto space with smart social media strategy. This article takes a closer look at the social media strategies of top crypto companies across the globe.

Binance prides itself as the most popular crypto exchange according to the number of volumes traded on its platform. The crypto exchange has held the record of the world’s largest crypto exchange since 2018. The exchange has over 100 digital assets listed on its platform and has its own crypto which is known as the BNB. The company is headed by billionaire and crypto mogul, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

What’s unique?

  1. Binance’s official Twitter handle is a home for over a million Twitter followers. The exchange’s 9 Twitter handles are verified by Twitter.
  2. The team behind Binance’s social accounts is super active to address the user’s query (if any). The customer experience is unrivaled.
  3. The exchange follows cross-marketing strategy, meaning that the platform also has its presence in other countries and streams. Updates that rolled for and via one platform will also be reshared and retweeted from Binance’s other social handles.
  4. Binance posts video to educate and inform about its offerings, using the most appropriate hashtags and icons.
  5. During events and conferences, the exchange rewards and excites attendees to share about their presence in events on their social media handles by tagging Binance’s official handles and using respective hashtags.
  6. Binance and the top executive team of the platform have quietly transformed their users as the trusted community members who often share words about Binance and its services voluntarily.
  7. Often conducts AMAs and appears in Interview — offline and online.
  8. Shares posts on every major festival/event.

Coindesk provides real day to day market analysis as well as breaking news in the crypto space. The site provides digital assets price, real market volumes, and Blockchain technology projects. For this reason, Coindesk boasts of massive social media presence and boasts of a huge pool of followers.

What’s unique?

  1. One of the oldest and trusted crypto media publications
  2. Coindesk gives updates on price analysis
  3. Timely, accurate, and efficient news provider. Often times, the first-time news publisher with a handful of primary sources.
  4. They have a huge follower community on their social media handles.
  5. It also publishes an opinionated article by industry experts
  6. Shares multiple quotes/saying from the same report/interview
  7. Some of the reporters/employees of Coindesk are well-know that shares their report and links back to the company’s official account.

OKEx is one of the most simplified crypto exchange firms that specializes in offerings of about 100 coins and altcoins pairings. The firm also offers spot and futures trading and is said to rake in a daily volume of about $1 billion.

What’s unique?

  1. OKEx gives a timely update about what’s happening on a platform
  2. The company has region-based accounts to cater audience in the respective location
  3. Often conducts giveaway competition or challenge by the exciting audience with hoodies
  4. Delivers gifts and hoodies to winners/users to their home who then post by thanking and tagging OKEx.
  5. Shares posts on every major festival/event with the giveaway offer, urging users to like, reshape and tag their friends on the post.
  6. OKEx team is pretty active on social media networks including Twitter and Telegram to address user’s queries.
  7. Often conducts AMAs with industry experts

Blockfolio provides data and insights to Blockchain technology projects across the crypto space. The firm provides insights, data as well as news from the crypto space. The most amazing fact is that they offer free services all through. Blockfolio gives major updates on crypto and the Blockchain network.

What’s unique?

  1. Blockfolio provides free services to the members of their social media community.
  2. They make use of previous data to make price predictions on their handles.
  3. They report breaking news about cryptos on their handles.
  4. Besides regular posting about their services, Blockfolio also shares interesting information concerning current as well as historic events about bitcoin and blockchain tech.

CoinMarketCap is one of the reliable resources for transparent market data in the crypto market. Recently, acquired by Binance, the platform is known for providing market analysis, crypto price, market volumes, and market capitalization as well as company information. If you need all the analysis about specific crypto, then CoinMarketCap is the site you go to, no wonder they have a massive pool of followers on their social media.

What’s unique?

  1. They have a huge pool of followers on social media
  2. Their help desk on social media is one of the fastest
  3. They give daily analysis and price predictions
  4. They help with crypto market cap update on their handles
  5. The platform offers weekend read and research reports on unique topics that their followers are looking for.
  6. Conducts a major event annually that drives new followers and users to their platform and social networks.

Ripple is a blockchain-financial service firm with its native token ‘XRP’, aiming to serve the liquidity issue in financial entities. The firm has upgraded its services over the years as they now enable faster and seamless payment services with the third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP.

What’s unique?

  1. Ripple conducts quick chat conversation internally, featuring the lead executive of the firm who unveiled the company’s major updates.
  2. They boast of a huge number of followers on their verified handles.
  3. Ripple’s top executives are influential personalities in the crypto industry. The team behind Ripple is quick enough to reshare the major updates/opinions shared by their top-level executives.
  4. Ripple’s native token, XRP itself is considered as ‘controversial cryptocurrency’ by many, yet the token has got a large community supporting it. Consequently, the members of this community share several updates and insights about XRP on their handles by using hashtag XRP, Ripple, and by tagging Ripple and its executive team.

If you’re looking for a firm that talks extensively about the activities of the crypto market, Messari is one firm you should look at. They are known for their daily analysis of high ranking cryptos as well as their major and minor movements. The company offers real-life metric data on projects while helping investors and traders with their decisions.

What’s unique?

  1. Messari is known for its unique news and reporting
  2. They are always part of the first few sites to announce breaking news in the crypto industry.
  3. Several influential personalities follow the social handles of Messari due to its unique style of reporting which creates trust among new followers.

Founded by Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon, WazirX crypto exchange is the leading crypto exchange in India. It is majorly known to serve Indian crypto traders and users with several tokens traded on their platform. With the platform being acquired by World’s largest crypto exchange Binance, the platform became the very first Indian exchange ever acquired by international exchange.

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What’s Unique?

  1. The exchange’s social networks are highly active with the team being super interactive to address the user’s query.
  2. WazirX often conducts trading competitions/contests, especially when adding new trading pairs.
  3. The key team at WazirX post interactive posts that connects their user back to the platform’s official social accounts.
  4. The team behind WazirX’s social strategy shares the platform’s monthly activities. This in turn builds lasting trust among their followers.

Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet that allows users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrency tokens. The platform reportedly servers over 1 Million people and has an option to use decentralized apps (dApps). Users can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, and other tokens using the card.

What’s Unique?

  1. The team promotes their wallet with interactive content in the form of memes, images, and text.
  2. Trust Wallet is one of the highly social media accounts that interact with the posts of other accounts.
  3. The platform’s highly engaging content on Twitter urges its followers to act upon it. It smartly questions user intelligence via the quick question, meme, image, gif, and video.

Final note — Our research opted above companies with the best and smart social media activities that appeal to crypto traders and users effectively. We being a crypto and tech marketing firm is working closely with top brands to enhance their user base — both offline and online.

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